Ready to Dive Into Your Dream Life? Here's How to Make the Leap | by: Emily Maher

Guest Blogger: Emily Maher | Meaning Method |
When I was a kid people used to stay, “The jobs that will be available in 10 years don’t even exist yet.” That statement was so hard to wrap my head around back then, but it’s true.
I never imagined that there was such a thing as a Book Coach or an Author Coach, let alone a coach in general. I find it so exciting, because not only does it represent the entrepreneurial revolution that’s unfolding, but it reflects how the whole world is changing in a bigger way. There have always been editors that can tell you what’s wrong with your book, but there’s never been anyone to help you chase the dream.
Now, an entire economy is emerging around imaginary jobs. I call this the “dream economy” and there’s already a robust foundation of people paying one another to create a life they love. However, we’re still at the perfect moment where the market isn’t saturated. There’s still room plenty of room to make a name for yourself. When I say I’m an author coach, people still ask me, “What’s that?”
As an author coach, I show people how to take inspiration from their imagination and make it real. Many people sit on ideas for books for years, because they’re not sure how to manifest it.
However, believe me, I may sound enthusiastic now, but I was the most reluctant entrepreneur!
For a decade I’d been saying, “I’m so lucky to have a paycheck! My husband can run around after contracts, but I provide the stability.” What’s even funnier is that I judged people who left stable work to start their business. Judgment is a great indicator of what’s wrong in my own life, after all I wasn’t judging military dictators or serial killers, I was specifically judging people who left their jobs for an internet business.
You see, I’m a mom, so I didn’t want to be selfish. Furthermore, I was a teacher, so that guaranteed a great education for my child. I thought it was unrealistic for me to pursue a career that got me excited.
Among school teachers, launching an internet business seemed so hypothetical. We didn’t know anyone who’d done it. When someone introduced themselves as a coach, we’d roll our eyes, as if they were kidding.
Until I did it.
Then, we did know someone. Me. And it wasn’t just a flakey dream, it was a successful stable business.  Looking back, there were 4 things I did right that made for a smooth transition:

  1. Get Paying Clients First

I’ll admit, I’ve watched people quit their jobs, set up shop, and then find they have no customers. Or they go to make their first sale, and they freeze under pressure. But if you start selling while you still have steady financial backing, it’s easier and you can validate your idea.

  1. Create Community

This is more than just “building your tribe.” For many people a job fulfills the basic human need of financial security, as well as the need for belonging. It’s essential to have a group of like-minded friends you can talk to, and mentors you can go to for advice.

  1. Three Months Savings

When I left my stable paycheck, I hadn’t experienced the all seasons of my new financial year. Some months everybody wants to write a book, and other months they’re busy with something else. Having three months savings to back me up allowed me to observe all this without getting scared.

  1. Limiting Beliefs

Although I’ve made some brave moves in my life, nothing has pushed me up against my mental limitations like running my own business. I constantly solve problems, make decisions and take action. Your business reflects your psychology, so it’s important to stay positive! You can ask Gabi more on that!
In school we learned that creativity makes a great hobby. Sure, you can be a writer, but you also need a real job. We were taught to separate out our dreams from our survival.
Not anymore.
If you’re thinking of taking the leap, make your escape now! Write that book, launch that business, live that dream while this is all still new!


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