Here's the Thing Your To Do List is Missing

You can't master the world if you can't master your mental health. Most people I have the opportunity to teach share that they're busy taking care of others and have little time (or guilt) when it comes to taking care of themselves.
Well, ask yourself this, Won't you be better for those people if you show up for yourself first? If you don't take care of you, those who *need* you, could end up taking care of a burnt-out, sick version of your joyful, helpful self.
Now, that that excuse is out of the way. Let's master your damn list.
It goes a little something like this:

  • 25-60 Minutes: BIGGEST THING YOU NEED TO GET DONE (1/2 OF IT):
  • 5-15 Minutes: BREAK: HOUSEHOLD CHORE (IF YOU WORK AT HOME), OR SOMETHING YOU ENJOY - Hint: You don't want to be on social media or email during your chunks. I am guilty of it too. But, it makes the WORLD of difference in quality and mental stamina if you can keep that one tab up at a time.
  • 25-60 Minutes: BIGGEST THING YOU NEED TO GET DONE (1/2 OF IT):

Continue, Continue.
My to do list today looked like this:

  • Client: Blogs (2) + Email Update
  • Break: Clean Spare Bedroom
  • Client: Call Sponsorship / Check Client Email
  • Semi Break / Work: Check Facebook / Answer Messages
  • Break: Watch Learning Video / Snack
  • Work: Retreat - Follow Up with Those interested
  • Break: Eggo Walk
  • Work: Blog
  • Break: Finish Yoga Flow

Flow, baby, Flow!
Add in the comments what & how you'll break up your work to include some you time this week.


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