How Talking to Myself in the Car Left me More Grateful

If you've ever driven past me on the road - it probably looks like I'm talking to myself. I am! Luckily, I don't start until the two lane country style road on the way to my house - so I mean, you'd really have to be looking.
I discovered a practice called Gratitude Ranting from the metaphysical teachers, Abraham-Hicks. They are all about appreciating what you have in order to attract what you want.
The Law of Attraction is simple: Like attracts Like. If you are SUPER bummed you don't have what you want - you're going to attract more bummy situations.
However, if you act as if you are happy anyway, you will attract more situations to make you happy. Here's the real secret: If you are happy anyway, you don't need what you wanted. What you really wanted was to be happy! If it comes, it's an added bonus. (Namaste).

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So, gratitude rants are a great way to get into the zone about what you have and how awesome your life really is.
You can also make this a prayer.
Turn down your music about 3-5 minutes before you get home and just start rambling - you may feel silly at first, especially if you aren't alone in your car.... If you don't get a lot of solo cruise time, do this at home. Driving for me is just a pattern that helps me remember to rant.
Start like this:

  • I'm so grateful that....
  • And, I'm so grateful that..
  • It's so awesome that
  • Wow, thank you for...
  • Thank you for
  • I'm so grateful that..
  • It's so amazing that..

Keep on keeping on.
You may be surprised what you connect the dots on or how you feel when you get out of the car.
Let me know how it goes!
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