Why I Threw My Planner Away

Why'd I throw that book out? Because, it always changes. 

I decided to quit erasing, white outing and wasting my time.
The one thing you can count on - if you write in pen... it's going to change.
That meeting will get rescheduled, you'll wake up earlier and go do something else.
As the saying goes,
Planning is essential, plans are useless. Trust yourself to color outside the planner lines.
Try knowing what your plan is vs. planning your day out (More than 24 hours in advance, I'd say) - knowing you want to go to Barre at 8:15 tomorrow is OK - just don't write it in sharpie because you never know what's going to come up. You could get up at 5:30am and decide to run?! (OH, you've never ran before, just go with me on this one).
Yes, we are learning to go with the flow.

Planning means - I go to the 5:30am class everyday and I work then I go to happy hour every Wednesday and I'm going to the grocery store at 6pm on Thursday and my nails 1:00 Friday. AHHHHHH, Just stop.

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Plans are:

  • I'm going to workout 4 times this week
  • I'm going to get groceries
  • I am going to do my work honestly
  • I will write a chapter in my book

Do you see the difference?
Trust me, it's hard to get use to at first, and you'll still plan every once in a while - but life, for me, got so much easier when I quit putting reminders, to remind me, to change the plans I made for myself a month ago.
Plus, don't we always want to cancel our plans anyway?
Let's try to flow, just for tomorrow. Take it one day at a time and see where it leads you.
Comment and let me know what you think you can try out this week!


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