Are you Sabotaging Your Work?

Yes, you - the one who hasn't left his or her desk in three hours!
Yes, you - the one who judges her coworker for taking a vacation!
Yes, you - the one who thinks if she doesn't finish this NO ONE will!
Yes, you the one who isn't making time to exercise!

You are sabotaging the quality of your work.

As a recovering workworkworker bee, I have to tell you - if you work until your eyes get silly - no one benefits.
You may feel proud for burning the midnight oil, but when your editor reads your blog she's going to be like "What planet is she on?"
One day the WiFi went out, I was spending time in my home office - I was all... shit, I feel guilty - should I run out to Barnes and Noble?
Why did I feel guilty? I am a recovering workworkworker bee.
So, I stopped - I cut up fruit for the week - I sat outside and met a butterfly. I rested.
Our lives are filled with  beauty that we are missing when we don't look up from our computers - our work benefits when we are rested, creative and engaged.
Go get some coffee with a friend this week, put down your emails and go outside!


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