This Quick Trick will Keep Your Head Out of the Clouds

Hey, You! With her head in the clouds..

One of the major new habits that has changed my life is grounding. It's a great practice to counter overwhelm, anxiety and not being present. (AKA Livin' in Outerspace)

It's a simple, effective practice has helped me so much - with so many things on all of our plates, it's so easy to get stuck in our heads - in the blahblahblah, as I like to call it.

The cool thing is you can do this every time you use the restroom or get up from your desk.

  • Place your feet on the ground (Barefoot is ideal, but shoes are OK too)
  • Image the four corners of your feet really rooting into the earth
  • Take five deep breaths and feel the energy leaving your head and coming back into your body, all the way to the feet.

Ahh...back on planet earth.

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