The Only Thing You Need to Do This Month to Chase Your Dreams

If you're trying to figure out if you should cut dairy, stand on your head or run a marathon this month - let me save you the color-coded calendar steps.

Here's the deal:

For the next 30 days, just spend 20 minutes going towards a dream. It can be losing weight, starting a business, being a nice human - you choose.

Spending twenty minutes uninterrupted going towards a dream of yours is really going to add up. Sometimes, you'll have longer and that rocks - but sometimes it's just enough to get you in alignment - into the vibe of your future self.

This practice makes you feel in control, purposeful and like you have meaning outside of your problems.

When I was in my most anxious, fearful state I started getting up early and I’d write for JUST 20 minutes before work. Sometimes it was a story, sometimes it was a poem - but no matter what from 6am-620am - I was writing.

I felt brighter and happier after just the first round. Anxiety, confusion... even being stuck in a job you don't love is hard, but purpose can help you get out of your in mind.

Commit to a time and place right now. Beware: Your brain will try and talk you out of it. But, 20 minutes, friend - even if you're wasted tired, you can do it.

What's your excuse not to do it? I know your brain just told you one. Write it down.

Here's a few simple solutions:

Can't find 20 minutes? Get off social for the month.

Kids won't leave you alone? Include them.

I know you have 20 minutes - I never said they had to be consecutive ;)

Go get 'em!


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