Manifest like a Mother F*cker: Masterclass with the GG

YOU want something BIG!

Everyone is giving you bananas weirdo woo woo advice.

What if there was a way to blend the spiritual with the serious?

What if there was a woman who believed in calendars, and abundance candles?

Ah, that’s me!

I’m Gabi Garrett, I run a million dollar publishing “playhouse” – I write and speak and I teach. I’m also an author.

I’m leading an intensive where I teach you how to manifest the BIGGEST thing you’re craving. Then, I’m going to give you the PDF of my upcoming journal MANIFEST LIKE A MOTHER F*CKER, and together, for 7 days after the class we’ll be working through the manifestation repeatable process together.

You’ll be able to rinse and repeat dis forever.

Results may vary, but badass feelings and empowerment are guaranteed.

So, who is this for??

Women who want the big book deal. The business. Out of the cube. The boyfriend. The joy.

Who is it not for…

Course junkies.

People who think I’m Gabby Bernstein.

People who will come in crystal outfits.

Ppl who will not show up or do the work.

So, if you are a DO-ER with big DREAMS. I am for you!

When? Thursday, January 28th at 6:45pmCST

Why? You deserve everything you desire. And, I want to show you how to bring these incredible visions into your life through co-creation, joy and proven methods I’ve used to manifest all sorts of incredible things.

What? a Masterclass with me that will IN-REAL-TIME put you in the frequency to attract, create and manifest your ideal reality.

How? Well, I’m a gangster. And, I have manifested 1) a real life-size boyfriend 2) a dream career 3) a $300,000 media business + growing 4) a million dollar publishing empire 5) a journalistic career that would make Diane Sawyer blush 6) money, magic and miracles, like sitting next to a man on a plane and receiving $5,000 all while on the way to a manifested Sedona trip….

Where? Zoom. Where we all live now.

Why you? Why me? Why now?

I share what I’ve created not to brag but to show you what’s possible. The manifestation process most use is totally google-able, but my intuition says you’ve tried it, and it just didn’t work the way you hoped. I believe I have the power to get you excited, capable and ready for what the world needs YOU to bring into this special place in 2021.

What’s the skinny?

This class includes the entire masterclass, e-mail access with Gabi afterwards for 7 days and the digital download of the soon-to-be next hit, Manifest like a Mother F*cker journal, which will be living on Amazon.