Kicked Out of Your Comfort Zone

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20. Can it Wait?

Today I'm talking about "alignment" before "action" and how I still work to be able to relax sometimes. This is for you if you...

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15. Go Bigger

In this episode I talk about how the Universe rewards bravery and how massive leaps leave NO room for comfort....

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14. Are you needy?

If you aren’t manifesting what you really want, I’ve got a game for us. In this episode, I talk about how our neediness is turning off our...

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13. Fear Hacks

In less than two minutes, Gabi tells us what she does when her old fears come knocking at the door....

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12. Eggo’s Birthday

In this episode, Gabi talks about her greatest manifestation ever and what she's learned from having a 104 pound friend....

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9. Drop and Give me 20

In this episode, Gabi talks about how often we don't achieve our dreams because we're being unrealistic, or putting others first. You...

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