Master the Art of the Ask with Gabi


Spend two hours with Gabi learning her unique aligned sales process, take away the recording + supporting materials and meditations.

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How does one woman get featured every where she snaps her fingers?

Get over $10,000 worth of product on her doorstep in 30 days?

Create a joyful biz while still finding time to sip Pinot Noir and call her fam?

In the “Art of the Ask”, Gabi will share for the first time ever how she sells, asks and creates energetic alignment so she’s never told no, even when selling a $150,000 book package – and have fun while doing it.

On Friday, April 30th, 2021 – from 3pm-5pm (CST ~ Alabama time) – you’re invited into a magical vortex of Gabi land to align yourself to insane possibility, magic + learn sales and business skills you can’t learn anywhere else.

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