Video to Voice

Does the amount of content you have on the shelf keep you up at night? We have just the solution.

Take your videos and turn it into more.

Transform your Content Game

 Do you have a recent video, or podcast interview you’d like to do more with? Perfect. We can take that very video and give you a blog post and all your social media captions for the week. 

This is a no-commitment way to work with us and it’s quick too – you’ll get your content in 7 business days. We will email you to gather your video link and any specific instructions as soon as you complete your payment.

Try Video to Voice for $575

For example

Kristina sent us her video:

& We created:

A pillar blog post

“The top 5 secrets
to creating a life and career you love”

And 5 quote cards for social media 

In her brand, of course. we also included the captions to accompany each photo and suggested use of this content to go further, such as bulleted best quotes and the story framework for her brand.

that’s right! we’re experts in writing in your voice. You only need one video and you’ll get…

One 700-900 word blog post which you can use for LinkedIn, Medium and your Website.

Five of your best quote cards, captions, sound clips, stories and captions to use on social media.

A bulleted content strategy that you can hand over to your team to use for all future videos and insight into how to use your voice more consistently.

"We called Gabi in a pinch, she immediately got to work and produced a better strategy than we'd been using for the past year within 48 hours. In only three months of working with Gabi, I felt like I'd known her my whole life. Not only is she a kind, compassionate ear, but she's also very dedicated to her clients and produces results with professionalism and fun."


– Keri Shull

Make your content work for you – $575.00

Make your video into more.