About Us 

As a team we work with top level entrepreneurs on their messaging, media strategy and marketing. Our biggest gift is to be able to listen in to what you’re already doing (videos, podcasts, interviews) and report back with key messages and strategy without needing any additional time off your busy plate.

Our team focuses on word magic:  

1. Identifying your story, brand and voice 

2. Creating content to expand your story

3. Building a strategy to make this content go further

We’re here for you

Our Team

If you need a helpful team to make magic out of your words, you’re in the right place.

Gabi Garrett


Gabi is the strategy expert for the team. Known as a wizard with words and a lighting fast creative, she can almost always get a year’s worth of marketing advice in one brainstorm call.

Her clients call her “Boss” and her team considers her a friend.

After leaving her full-time job to become a writer, she started to help aspiring world-changers chase their dreams too. She runs the blog with a variety of professional and personal development pieces that help you grow into the person you want to be.

When she isn’t working with the dream team or clients, you can find Gabi hiding at a public library writing for outlets like USA Today, Tiny Buddha and the Elephant Journal, or with her favorite wellness partners as a guest blogger.


Meritxell Garcia


Meritxell runs the numbers and writes like nobody’s business. She enjoys analyzing our client’s results to maximize ROI and help us achieve our client’s dreams. Our clients always respond back to her detailed reports with enthsuasim, helping each to understand what’s working well.

She also designs cool and professional one-pagers for brands. These showcase strategy and content results. As we know, a picture is worth a thousand words, and one chart can tell you so much about how your content is performing.

Meri’s book launched in late 2019 with a traditonal publishing house, giving our clients an inside advantage to the publishing industry.


Ele Hutt


Ele is a social media marketer, brand strategist, and storyteller extraordinary. To sum it up she’s our loud laughing, jill of many trades that’s always willing to lend a hand.

Ele’s work on story telling has been featured in many webinars and her gift of joy leaves every client feeling seen and excited about their message again.

Our clients trust Ele’s firm hand to guide them into what’s story worthy and what’s not. Bright, funny and direct, her skillset is the smartest additon to our strategy powerhouse.

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Our Work

Our clients rock. Here’s how we help them rock harder:

Keri Shull

Social Strategy

We’ve spent the past few months helping Keri’s team with five of her brand’s Instagram accounts. We created a cohesive brand voice across all social channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Keri was able to delegate this strategy back to her in-house team once we refined their communication outlets and use our team as the overarching content strategist. 

Sharran Srivatsaa

Content Strategy

Content strategy encompasses more than social media. Sharran is on camera a lot – meaning his voice has to sound consistent and intelligent at all times. We use Sharran’s podcast library to create blog content and press pieces so his message could extend further. Our team also manages Sharran’s company, Kingston Lane’s podcast content. 

Bryan Brinson

Networking Strategy

Bryan runs multiple successful companies. We’ve been able to leverage his data skill set with LinkedIn blogs. We then take this data and create exclusive newsletters for his potential customers. Bryan gets recognition at networking events all the time for his content and it frames his company in the highest light, positioning him for referrals and top of mind awareness.

"Gabi helped me SO much. While working with her, I had consistent support, I was able to get my online food blogging business up and running – she even helped me get my food for free! She’s so inspiring and I’m grateful to have had her guidance in my writing career.""


– Ellie, MindfulBellie

"Gabi is the Type A level organization for us Type B creative types. She can take what’s in your head and make it a reality."


– Sudevi, Vedic Conservatory 

Want to work together?

You can message me here or directly at hello@gabigarrett.com. Life is better with options.

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