About Gabi

Gabi Garrett  is a writer by day, inspirer by night. She works with top level entrepreneurs on their messaging, media strategy and marketing. Her gift for understanding visions and translating them into powerful words helps busy professionals keep on keeping on while growing their brands.

Her passions lie within inspiring the world to chase their dreams. She likes to say she speaks to the rebels WITH  a cause.

After leaving her full-time job to become a writer, she learned, grew and developed into someone she’s proud of. Now, she helps other aspiring world-changers chase their dreams too. 

I was born with a pen in my hand…


As a young kid, I liked two things:

1. Entrepreneurial Skill Building, such as selling my neighbor’s flowers to their own front doors.

2. Writing, with passion I’d cultivate journal entries in the hopes they’d be discovered after I was famous. Luckily, those have since been tossed as I would have been rolling over in my grave at the fact my seven year old self spelled Diary, Dairy.

Today I do both, and I try my best to spell correctly, mostly for the aforementioned after-life shrine of my work.

With my passion for entrepreneurship, I help other like-minded, creative professionals soar with my skill set in copy writing, project management and marketing.

As a writer, I write on topics that move me. I feel as comfortable writing about a wine festival as I did interviewing the CEO of Belize prison.

On my blog, you’ll find a range of professional and personal development pieces that will help you grow into the person you want to be.  



Want to work together?

You can message me here or on instagram. Life is better with options.

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