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Gabi Garrett

published journalist + PR expert + master trainer

Gabi Garrett is a spiritual entrepreneur who has helped 100s of people get published in their dream outlets.

Gabi’s media business serves an elite level of established business owners doing what she calls “Rent-a-Marketing-Director” work. Her team establishes strategy, media outreach and even writes in each client’s voice to save them precious time.

Outside of her six-figure media business, Gabi is dedicated to 1) trying to remember to use the spin bike 2) staying balanced and 3) teaching other’s how to do what she’s done.

Once trapped in a cubicle, she dreamed of being a freelance writer and a yoga teacher; only two years later she had reached that dream with icing on top.

Gabi firmly believes anything is possible and is here to help you reach your next magical level, whether it’s through PR for your business, the tools to write your first blog or her sanity tips – you’ve landed in the right place.

For press, speaking + publishing opportunities, please reach out to Gabi’s manager, Katie, at [email protected]

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Want to get to know me better? I’ve been on some Podcasts too. i help my clients get booked on upwards of 10 podcasts per month. we like to party.


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The incredible people we work with!

These clients already rocked, Here’s how I helped them share their talents even further:


DeeAnn Tracy

Guest Blog & Media Strategy

DeeAnn has a skincare company called Peak Scents. Together, we highlighted her values so she could stand out in the media via podcast interviews, guest blog outlets like the Elephant Journal and more while simultaneously  strategizing the media front for Peak Scents so she could increase her sales and web traffic.


Dr. Chris Lee

Blog Bundle

In combination with Dr. Chris Lee’s podcast tour, my team watched his incredible YouTube show and created 6 blogs in his voice for a variety of outlets to drive traffic to his new program offering – we wrote as him for BuzzFeed, the Elephant Journal, LinkedIn and he was able to repurpose this content for his social media captions and personal web blog.


Elisa Canali

Publicty Package

In launch of her new offerings, we worked with Elisa to take her Instagram and Facebook content and create guest blogs on BuzzFeed, Thrive Global, and the Elephant Journal. We also helped Elisa target her customers through custom ads. We then used this content to pitch Elisa on spirtual podcasts to find her ideal customers and further her mission.

"Gabi helped me SO much. While working with her, I had consistent support, I was able to get my online food blogging business up and running – she even helped me get my food for free! She’s so inspiring and I’m grateful to have had her guidance in my writing career.""


– Ellie, MindfulBellie

"Gabi is the Type A level organization for us Type B creative types. She can take what’s in your head and make it a reality."


– Sudevi, Vedic Conservatory