Everyone has a story, but not everyone knows how to tell it.

That’s where I come in.


I’m Gabi Garett & I have the “Gift of Gab”. My Nana use to be terrified for me to go by Gabi (vs. Gabrielle) as she feared I’d talk too much if I went all in on the Gabi brand. She still slurs my name fully, it sounds something like “GaybrieL” – but that’s OK. I’ve made this gift work.

I write for the best websites, magazines and journalistic outlets around on topics like mindfulness, creativity and work.

When I’m not doing that, my team and I help others learn their voices, tell their stories and make an impact with our powerhouse Marketing team.

You Don’t Need More Content.

You just need the right strategy.

Being an entrepreneur is overwhelming to say it kindly. Sometimes it’s just you – yet you are playing the Quarterback, Defensive Line, and Offensive strings. You are the Beyonce and all the back up dancers.

How can you maximize your efforts, so you can also enjoy your life?

First, you need a super clear message strategy.

Next, we will divide this message into 1,000 different ways – not only so we can save time, but so your ideal customers get a chance to reach you everywhere they are.

Your ideal customers are busy too, they are scattered, they are trying to get through today and make a difference – let’s give them a chance to find you.


Gabi’s work on self-help and content strategy has been featured in:

"Gabi helped me SO much. While working with her, I had consistent support, I was able to get my online food blogging business up and running – she even helped me get my food for free! She’s so inspiring and I’m grateful to have had her guidance in my writing career.""


– Ellie, MindfulBellie

"Gabi is the Type A level organization for us Type B creative types. She can take what’s in your head and make it a reality."


– Sudevi, Vedic Conservatory 

it’s time to let the world resonate with your message.

Work with us

If you need a team to make magic out of your words, you’re in the right place.

Expand your reach. Try Video to Voice.

Our team’s magic is the ability to write in anyone’s voice. We also know how to strategize content with the best of ’em – if you have recent podcast, video interviews or YouTube shows – we can combine these two gifts and save you lots of time. 

Strategy + Brainstorm Hour

We’ve got the solutions to help unlock your next income level and make your dreams come true. You’ve got the talent. Now you just need someone to help you break you idea, or project down into an easy road map. Trust me, once you have that, you’ll be unstoppable. 

Copy Strategy & Ghostwriting

We can help you communicate your passion and attract your ideal customers. Let’s unlock your next income level and by refining or defining your key messages, your business position and a media plan together. 

holla if you need a little guidance now

Here’s some of our faves:

These are a few of our favorite inspirational pieces, written by our fearless leader Gabi. They provide guidance and confirm that you aren’t alone in your journey.

Can you write if you’re not a ‘writer’?

Can you write if you’re not a ‘writer’?

If you have no clue how to begin writing, or even know if you’re cut out for it…this is for you. It’s not about being locked in a cabin with your thoughts, it’s about the habit.

"In 3 years of being a full-time entrepreneur, you are the first person that I’ve ever allowed to “hold our baby”. My husband was actually surprised that I even came to him about our meeting. I could see the relief on his face...you made me feel like you cared. I can’t emphasize these next 4 words enough…thank you for that."


Johanna, Earthly Bodies

"I still hear your sage words of wisdom as I move about my day. Working with you helped me so much – I know when the voice in my head is ‘Bossy Pam’ or ‘Chaotic Pam’ and I’m learning to balance as I live a full life."


– Pam, Yoga Student

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