Welcome to Gabigarrett.com – as you may have guessed.. I’m Gabi!

I’m here to help you. If you are anything like me you can sometimes feel:

  1. Lost
  2. Overwhelmed
  3. Uncomfy (Anxious, Overweight, Unsure of what’s next)

Once upon a time I was 50 pounds heavier and working a desk job…then I went after it and not so slowly, and definitely not surely – I became a successful entrepreneur! Hey, hey.

If you’ve made it here — I want to reassure you that first, no one has it all together. That takes off the pressure right away, right? We’re all kinda winging it. For me, some days I’m electric and other days I feel like a cat with a piece of yarn. The trick is: I allow myself to find that electric wave before I hop back on the work express.

Let me help you find your own magic:

Do you need help going after a dream, or finding joy?
“Gabi is a Type A focused worker with Type B level creativity. She can take your dreams and turn them into action and keep you accountable during the process,” said Sudevi Kramer .

Do you need help running your business?

Most of us do – one of my clients sent this after our first meeting – I bet she was in the same place you are today:

“In 3 years of being a full time entrepreneur you are the first person that I’ve ever allowed to “hold our baby”. My husband was actually surprised that I even came to him about our meeting…I could see the relief on his face. We both know it’s because you’ve been a client and believe in one of the products and for me you made me feel like you cared. I can’t emphasize these next 4 words enough…thank you for that.”

& I know your time is valuable:

“I love you. How do I pay you?” – Jason Will, now, client after receiving e-mail follow up within two hours.

Are you looking for a passionate writer or story teller?

“Gabi has helped us in a variety of ways – she took photos and uploaded to our e-commerce website so we could get our olive oil sales up and running – then she started blogging about content we’re passionate about to continue to drive those sales. When we reopened, she handled our grand reopening marketing to increase exposure as well. She’s so reliable!” – Mallory Studer, Bodacious Family of Shops

Let’s chat!