Hi! I’m Gabi Garrett.

If you are looking for a writer, or an inside scoop on how to chase your day dream, you are in the right place.

Prior to becoming a successful freelance writer, I held a full-time job that left me feeling uninspired & unhealthy. Now, I rock my writing lifestyle and love helping others chase their dreams. (Or verbalize what they’re doing!)

My work surrounding mental health and goal chasing has graced the pages of Elephant Journal, Elite Daily, Tiny Buddha, Sivana, Apartment Therapy and the USA Today Network affiliates. 

My Thoughts on Deciding on Your Dreams:

When you’re deciding what to do with your life, people like to tell you to remember what you liked to do as a kid, such as an architect who loved legos. To that I have one question, “What if you liked to work? What if my inner child is bossy??”

As a young kid, I liked two things:

Entrepreneurial Skill Building, such as selling my neighbor’s flowers to their own front doors, or managing a kickball style gang of chubby fifth graders.

Writing, with passion I’d cultivate journal entries in the hopes they’d be discovered after I was famous. Luckily, those have since been tossed as I would have been rolling over in my grave at the fact my seven year old self spelled Diary, Dairy.

Today I do both, and I try my best to spell correctly, mostly for the aforementioned after-life shrine of my work.

With my passion for entrepreneurship, I help other like-minded, creative professionals soar with my skill set in copy writing, project management and marketing.

As a writer, I write on topics that move me. I feel as comfortable writing about a wine festival as I did interviewing the CEO of Belize prison.

On my blog, you’ll find a range of professional and personal development pieces that will help you grow into the person you want to be. If you want to laugh your a$& off, check out my alter ego page, Kicked out of Therapy, where I tell the stories of how I grew up in hopes that my stories will help heal you too. 

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"Gabi helped me SO much. While working with her, I had consistent support, I was able to get my online food blogging business up and running – she even helped me get my food for free! She’s so inspiring and I’m grateful to have had her guidance in my writing career.""


– Ellie, MindfulBellie

"Gabi is the Type A level organization for us Type B creative types. She can take what’s in your head and make it a reality."


– Sudevi, Vedic Conservatory 

kick some serious ass by

Partnering with an Expert

If you need a genie with a gift for words, or a fairy godmother on your freelance path – you’re in the right spot.

Super Star | Copy Editor

If you know you have something special, but you’re struggling to verbalize your passion, your business or your new offering – I’m your secret weapon. I can listen in on something you’re ALREADY doing and report back on your key messages, your business position and a media plan to help you reach your target audiences. 

a Coach to Dream Chasers

If you know you have a passion outside of your four cubical walls – let me rescue you. I created a path (in hindsight, mostly) that will help you avoid potholes and make your dreams a reality in 6-12 months. If that ain’t magic, I don’t know what is. Don’t waste another day, the world needs you to come alive – let’s chat about how to do it. 

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Here’s some of my faves:

These are a few of my favorite inspirational pieces that hopefully will brighten your day as you go on your merry way.

The Only Thing You Need to Do This Month to Chase Your Dreams

If you're trying to figure out if you should cut dairy, stand on your head or run a marathon this month - let me save you the color-coded calendar steps. Here's the deal: For the next 30 days, just spend 20 minutes going towards a dream. It can be losing weight,...

6 Ways to Pull Yourself out of a Panic

Once upon a time, I had a full-time job, the intensive kind, where almost 80 emails would ransack my inbox every single morning. One day, as I was quickly filing and sorting the pointless email messages, trying to be ‘effective’...my world fell through. My chest...

The Practical Magic Complex

Like many kids in the 1990s, I grew up with a working single mom, leaving me to my own devices quite a lot. Actually, it’s not like I was raised by wolves, I had a much cuter, matching sweatsuit wearing babysitter, my sub-five foot Nana. While she did love a good...

"In 3 years of being a full-time entrepreneur, you are the first person that I’ve ever allowed to “hold our baby”. My husband was actually surprised that I even came to him about our meeting. I could see the relief on his face...you made me feel like you cared. I can’t emphasize these next 4 words enough…thank you for that."


Johanna, Earthly Bodies

"I still hear your sage words of wisdom as I move about my day. Working with you helped me so much – I know when the voice in my head is ‘Bossy Pam’ or ‘Chaotic Pam’ and I’m learning to balance as I live a full life."


– Pam, Yoga Student

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