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Why You Must Leave the Cave to Create


Calling all Cavemen and Cavewomen...

When's the last time you left your house?

It's 2020, so first off, I don't blame ya if it's been a minute, or a month. But let me tell you something a mentor told me once, "You can't hunt from the cave."

Now, let's discuss the Gabi spin... you absolutely cannot create from the cave.

You need to get out of your turtle shell of a house to be shocked out of your comfort zone, inspired to create and reminded that other humans live on this planet and need/want to play with you and your work.

But, it's scary!

I'm flying across the country right now and this morning I was so tempted to turtle up in my shell.

I almost bailed.

I almost stayed controlling my work in my comfort zone...

Can you relate?

When you think about traveling, leaving your house to go work from a park, or hell, going to the grocery store in person? What comes up for you?

What sensations appear in your body?
What stories do you share with your inner mean girl like gossip in the bathroom stall via 5th period break?

Now, I have an important question for you and the bully inside of you pushing you deep into your shell - is any of it true?

What do you risk by NOT moving forward, up and OUT?!

For me, it was a $12,000 reward for expanding past my fears today. When the voice in my head said, "Gab... just stay home, you'll be safer, you can work more and hangout with Chris. He'll be glad you stayed..." I weighed the odds, did a Brad Yates EFT Fear Tap video, and meditated into what I'd feel like out of my cave.

When I got to the airport (two hours past fear-ville), I checked my Voxer to realize I had been referred $12,000 worth of business.

The Universe rewards you expanding your comfort zones, turtles! You will be supported by leaving the cave to share your light.

It gets groovier, on the plane, I got a second book client and two women sat by me who wanted to be writers. God wanted me on these planes. Fear did not.

Who will win your heart today? Will you leap out scared?

Let me know...