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Why Your First Book Doesn’t Have to Be Your *BIG* Book


You ever been writing like this?

Like it's the last time you'll ever get to say anything, ever?

Like it's seriously the most important memoir of all time?


I use to write like that all the time.

I would choke up, write fast and feel like nothing could come out of my lips fast enough onto my keyboard.

Then I realized one very important fact: I would likely live 80+ more years.

That means even if 28 year old Gabi did not craft the next Harry Potter, 68-88-108 GG totally could.

And, when the pressure subsides off your crazy expectations, the creativity that's been meant for you can actually flow.


You see, you are meant to channel different creative ventures at different stages of your life. And, as the intuitive you are, you likely hope to put out your memoir at 33, even though it's totally planned for you at 58.

You don't have to wait for the BIG Sha-bang to be worthwhile, though.

As with everyone, you know something right now that would literally change someone else's life. And, without sharing it, due to your sweaty-ass weirdness, that human continues to suffer.

Sometimes the first novel we birth into the world is the absolute shit, and other times it's actual shit. Because it's teaching us that the process can be easy, it's teaching us how the process works.

It's showing us what it's like to actually put our words into the universe so when it's time to share that wonderful, crazy universally timed "the book" of yours, you'll know exactly how to do it.

The book that's hatching in your mind matters now.

The book that your whole life is living for, matters later. And now, as your experiences are leading you to become the woman to publish it.

There are no wasted creative movements.

Let's shake it off.

Let's dance into what the world needs from us now.

Let's take the pressure off.

Let's evolve slowly into the author we have seen in our dreams.

Let's write, write now.