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4 Ways to Make time to Write in Your Own Voice (Especially when you market for others…)

I write all day.

I write for famous dudes.

I write for healers.

I write for skincare brands.

I write copy for websites.

But, at the end of the day, when it's time to write in my voice... I often just go for the wine and pasta and push my own voice down.

Psychologically, you can imagine this sends a message that you are A) Not as important as your clients and B) Stifles your creativity... and C) derails your fitness goals as you increase your wine + pasta habit.

words then pasta friends.

It's so easy to push your dreams to the back of the list, but this September, I'm committed to writing in my voice, which, hey happens to be the best of the bunch - nah-what-I'm-sayin'?

So, here's how I suggest you make the time to shine:

1. Begin to Dream with your Coffee

If you've read my blog, you know my #1 rule is no phones in the AM. So grab your coffee, grab your pen and make an outline. Your brain is fresh because no clients have asked you to do shit, if they can't find you - they can't ask you. Prioritize your magic first, and you'll actually have more to share with the world as you've begun to stir the pot, or created the Scooby if you will.

2. Marinate on your outline

Go for a walk, get to work or go to yoga - start to dream on your outline. I've been known to literally leave yoga and get on my laptop, but I'm a gangster - so you do you, the notes app, a notebook - I'm not sure, quail pens?, but take your notes be they physical or mental.

3. Write in a notebook

Gel pens = Gold. Always write your first draft by hand. Always! Otherwise you're going to e-mail people, text people and your work deserves more. Have some sparkling water and take yourself on a hot date and write... unplugged.

4. Google Doc It Up

I always sleep on my written work, because by the time I type into my google doc in the morning my brain has reorganized it's thoughts and it's like a free editor. Once you've finished your google doc type - you can then publish to your website, external site, or LinkedIn. Here's how I do my content.

Most importantly, schedule this time and don't skip yourself. Your voice needs to be heard as much as anyone else's friend.

Be sure to give yourself a reward, they still sell Lisa Frank stickers on Amazon, just sayin'.