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3 Scripts to Deal with “Ghost & Pounce” Clients

Have you ever tried to track down a client to get them to review their blogs, make payments... or you know, play the game they paid you to play?

Of course you have!

These clients ignore you for weeks, days, even months.


These are GHOST clients. They've totally ghosted you and you, being the loyal business owner/freelancer/coach you are... feel guilty and weird because you just want to serve them!

Now, what do the GHOST clients always do next?



Hello, 300 e-mails and reply all CCing all your assistants and your mothers.

These clients usually say something like,

"Where are we with this?"


Ghost-Pounce clients always make you want to BOUNCE. Like, leave the country and quit your biz.

Here's 3 scripts to save to deal with these crazy people:

  1. "Hi ____! Welcome back. I've saved all your replies into one e-mail, I'll be responding back to you by the end of the week so you can easily review where we are on this project. I am beyond grateful to have your input! Would you have 15 minutes Monday to review these responses live so we can navigate the next steps together? Thanks!"
  2. "Oh WOW! I love all these ideas, and I love seeing your name in my inbox, it brings me so much joy to see you back online and ON this project. I'm going to voice memo you tomorrow and we'll go through all-the-things. xoxo"
  3. "Hi ___! Thanks for all your amazing e-mails, notes, and questions. We are working hard on your project this week and I've included my calendar link so you and I can catch up and dive back in."

Notice, I never said I was busy or working with other clients. Stay in service because you are better than the PounceY TiGeR, who I believe is also doing the best he/she can.

Let me know if this was helpful in the comments!