What if no one comes?

Has this thought ever kept you from creating?
It is that voice in your head the entire time your writing that book, the blog post, creating the event..
What if no one comes?
What if no one reads it?
What if nobody likes it?
I was in Hobby Lobby the first time I hosted a series, Go After It, I decided to spend money on cute plates and make notebooks for the people that I just knew would come.
Then, I thought, What if no one comes? What if you spend this money and it's a waste?
In hindsight, I could have said, "Then you have 10 adorable notebooks."
The thoughts that plague our creativity and scare us into playing small aren't new. I hear mine everyday.
The first time I hosted a webinar one person came.
The next time, five people came.
That voice wants to count those as a failure.
Why would you keep wasting your time if no one cares what you have to say?
I'm here to tell you that I am not going to listen to my inner mean girl, and you shouldn't either. Also, that almost everyone you see out there making huge steps is deciding to go against this voice. And if it wins, the world won't get to see what you can do.
What will you do today to take action anyway?


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