the Five-Step Roadmap to Telling your Authentic Story

This guest post is by Ele, our fabulous storyteller on team Gabi.

You already know that stories are the way to your ideal client’s heart, so you want to start crafting yours. Let's get to it. 


Sorry for the bitchslap right away, but lately I’ve seen SO many people do this in the wrong way. The story of your brand shouldn't be a ME ME ME story. Instead, you should focus on how your story can help others. It might seem weird at first, but focus on others when writing your own story.

Okay, now that we are clear on that. Let’s start!

Audience: You may think it’s obvious, but people blow off the importance of creating their ideal client’s avatar all the time. You need to include more than demographics because we are more than numbers or income. You need to give the avatar a name, identify their struggles, understand their feelings, and get inside their heads. Try to live their narrative. You need all of this because you will create a story that shows how they will overcome their problem with your help. It needs to be credible, so it’s not about your perspective but theirs. Give the solution inside a story, how are THEY going to do it, and how YOU can help them do it. 

Build their journey: Start by putting yourself in their shoes. What is the outcome your ideal client dreams of? Why would they invest in my offer? Remember that they care about their life, not yours, so how can YOU help them achieve their goal? Identify the steps they need to take to achieve it from where they are today. Use the hero’s journey to write the story. Show them how they can change their story, and provide the solution.

Humanize yourself: Have empathy. Be a guide, not a god! It’s all about empowering your audience not inflating your own ego. Sure, your success and accomplishments are important, but you need to talk about how they can help themselves instead of simply listing them out. Create a connection!

Start creating: Now use that story and make sure you are telling it in every piece of content you create. Take them through a journey from the first email they receive from you to the website they will land on. Always give value! It’s about what you can give not what you can gain.

Stay consistent: Storytelling is all about consistency, building a brand, and showing up. Always be cohesive. Don't tell people you can help them become vegan and then take a pic eating a burger (this actually happened to a famous Instagrammer!) Also, you can’t start appearing every day and disappear all of the sudden and then come back a few weeks later. Your audience needs to trust you before they hire you, and consistency is key to build a trusting relationship. Sales are achieved when the person believes in you and how your offer will give them a better future and the solution to their problems. 

So go ahead! Start putting your ideas on paper and start creating the powerful story your brand deserves. 

Here’s an extra tip: all you need to do in life is change the story you tell yourself and start living it!

Hope this helps! 


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