How to Have the Grandest Birthday of them All

It was the Sunday before my 28th birthday, Chris and I were enjoying a glass of champagne on our front porch #BAMAStyle. He took a phone call, which always leaves me a bit awkward... I typically have my phone off if I have a cocktail, so I'm just sitting there like a duck starring at the road. Then, it hit me!

Let me turn said electronic device on and plan something.

The thought danced in my head, as if ready for its party debut:

"Wouldn't it be fun to go to the Grand Hotel for manicures and pedicures on Friday with my friends?"

First, I texted my two pals who live nearby to make sure they could go. It was a no-brainer yes for them.

Now, onto call the Grand Hotel, or 'Grand Station', as they adorably call their main customer service line. I wrote an article for the Grand when they reopened their lovely spa at the end of 2018, so I had a few hookups. I asked if they wouldn't mind my friends and I coming for the day, in exchange for media coverage (AKA Magazines, Blogs, etc. Learn more about that here.)

I got not only another, "YES", but also, a delicious media rate so Chris and I could stay for the weekend.

Of course, I was thinking, "Damn, I should drink champagne every day."

As the week progressed, we packed, called the dog sitter, did the things... oh, and naturally celebrated my birthday eve, also known as Halloween:

This is of course, not Chris, who does not dress up...this is my 72-year-old neighbor Dan.

Finally, Friday, my birthday day arrived! I drove to the Grand Hotel, windows down in my jeep... feeling so thrilled this had all spontaneously come together. As I pulled around the scenic drive of the Grand Hotel, I immediately felt relaxed.

I love Point Clear, Alabama. I love the Grand Hotel. I love VALETING!

I dropped Jeep-y off with the kind man and he took my baggage. As I waited for my room, I walked out back to return some kind birthday messages.

This not a joke. Fairhope & Point clear are really this perfect. Look at all those butterflies!

The butterflies were a good omen for what was to come. I understand I was "media" at the hotel, but I was treated like a royal princess. The way the Grand treats its guests is unparalleled. I got a gift almost every corner I went through! The staff even signed a birthday card for me.

I'd never felt so special.

My friends arrived a few hours later, for a cocktail and spa time:

After enjoying a dip and more champagne, of course, I waited for my boyfriend and friends to join me for dinner.

Not a bad place to reflect on the year prior.

Of course, I got excited and ordered room service for my pre-dinner bash. I could really get use to picking up a 'house phone' and having my wishes met!

Once the gang had arrived, we headed to the fire pits for cocktails, then out to a lovely dinner in Fairhope. The sunsets are INCREDIBLE in this area, but as you know, I had a cocktail, so my phone was up in the room. (Presence!)

The following day, Chris and I enjoyed another spa day, naps and an incredible dinner at the hotel.

By the end of the weekend, I was refreshed, amazed at my manifestation abilities and as always... so grateful I became a writer.


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