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It's time to share your voice!

Spend 3 Weeks at 10am on Tuesdays (Starting August 10th) with Award-Winning Journalist, Gabi Garrett learning how to write, where to write + what to write about! We will be covering major platforms, auto-publish locations, and the details of working with editors and becoming your own.

Why Being Organized is a Catalyst to Your Creativity

"I'm too creative for an alarm clock," you say as you roll out of bed, being dragged by the day instead of creating it! I hear you. And, I was like that too. Until I realized by letting myself go with the flow, continuously, I was creating a negative patterning that...

How Your 1990’s self is Creating Upper Limits in Your Life Today

this is a law of attraction hack mixed with a 1990s snack.

If your results are “medium”, you’re probably on the wrong medium.

Fresh off my first *thought would be viral* TikTok, I sit here with a new discovery for you. After a heart-felt message by me reached (at the time of this blog) 2,806 views, while the one's next to me soared to 150,000-1.2 million, I realized I am not immune to...

Refunds are like Mac n’ Cheese

Let's say someone decided to make you Macaroni and Cheese for a Potluck. You gladly welcome them and the delicious, creamy dish into your home... Then, the person begins screaming and yelling and terrorizing your guests!! They say, "Give me back my Pasta dish I...

Why You Must Leave the Cave to Create

Calling all Cavemen and Cavewomen... When's the last time you left your house? It's 2020, so first off, I don't blame ya if it's been a minute, or a month. But let me tell you something a mentor told me once, "You can't hunt from the cave." Now, let's discuss the Gabi...

Why Your First Book Doesn’t Have to Be Your *BIG* Book

You ever been writing like this? Like it's the last time you'll ever get to say anything, ever? Like it's seriously the most important memoir of all time? I use to write like that all the time. I would choke up, write fast and feel like nothing could come out of my...

3 Scripts to Deal with “Ghost & Pounce” Clients

Have you ever tried to track down a client to get them to review their blogs, make payments... or you know, play the game they paid you to play? Of course you have! These clients ignore you for weeks, days, even months. These are GHOST clients. They've totally ghosted...

4 Ways to Make time to Write in Your Own Voice (Especially when you market for others…)

I write all day. I write for famous dudes. I write for healers. I write for skincare brands. I write copy for websites. But, at the end of the day, when it's time to write in my voice... I often just go for the wine and pasta and push my own voice down....

How to Guest Blog and Add Logos to Your Website with Ease

I am Gabi Garrett, I started freelance writing five years ago. At first, I kept a couple of clients while I was working full-time, and then eventually, I drove into it full-time. So it means a lot to me and it’s helped me do so many cool things. I‘ve been on the...